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If you tracked your parcel status on and it showed that:“Unsuccessful delivery attempt” there is usually caused by following reasons:

You offered wrong address or incomplete address

Package can’t be delivered if address is wrong. Package also can’t arrived to you if your address was not very clearly. Another situation is that recipient was move to other places, package will just be sent to your original address, so that also one reason for this issue. If you encounter this problem, you’d better contact with your sender and courier about this issue immediately and tell courier your right address, inquiry delivery again. You can also ask courier to keep your parcel in the post office and pickup by yourself. You must contact courier before your package was returned to sender, otherwise you will have many unnecessary troubles.

Recipient was not at home.

Generally, if the first time failed to delivery, express company will notify you and will try to delivery again. But if failed again, your parcel will returned to original place. Some couriers will not delivery again, you need to pickup your item in the post office. Some express companies may delivery your parcel in your neighbor’s house in the case of your permission.

Package was seized by the customs

If the things you send are contraband or items that need to pay customs duties. Such as new purchased iphone, imitated bags, batteries and so on. You have to pay some tariffs to get your parcel.

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